Judging Caterories


The Interview

The panel of judges will meet with each contestant for a private timed interview of about 5 minutes (same duration for each contestant). The purpose is to evaluate the qualities and attributes (listed above) that a contestant offers to the role of Ms. Arkansas Senior America. A basic tool for conducting the interview is the contestant’s application, which is provided to the judges in advance. The judges may ask for bio amplification or ask questions that reveal the contestant’s sense of values, or require her to express feelings, defend beliefs, speculate, evaluate or analyze. The judges evaluate the interview based on the following criteria: 

  • Overall first impression
  • Personal appearance / style 
  • Personality / intelligence
  • Validated opinions 
  • Speech, vocabulary and grammar
  • Responses to the questions 
  • Emotional control 

Talent Presentation

Contestants display a variety of talents (vocal, dance, instrumentals, drama and hobbies to name a few). Each contestant performs a 2 minute 45 second talent presentation (may be shorter, NOT longer). A committee member will time the presentation and assign penalty points to ensure fairness to all contestants. Extensions for applause, breaks or technical difficulties will not be penalized. The talent presentation should be in good taste, reflect the “Age of Elegance” and be presented with dignity and style in content and costume. The judges score talent based on the following:

  • Technical skill level (difficulty, level of achievement, execution, technique)
  • Stage presence
  • Total package (costume, props, voice, choreography)
  • Entertainment value

Evening Gown

It is our belief that clothes do not make the woman but rather the woman can make a $10 gown look like a million. Poise and grace enhance the gown. During the evening gown segment contestants will present their Philosophy of Life. The judges evaluate the evening gown category based on the following: 

  • Overall first impression / attractive 
  • Sense of confidence
  • Personality and stage presence
  • Poise, grace and posture
  •  Appropriate choice for Ms Arkansas Senior America

Philosophy of Life

The Philosophy of Life should embody the beliefs that the contestant feels have been her guiding principles and will lead others to success in daily living with its wisdom. It is not a bio or life history and should not mention companies, organizations, products, or services. The Philosophy of Life must be stated on stage during the evening gown presentation and conform to a 35 second time frame. It must also be the one submitted on the application. Extensions for applause breaks or technical difficulties will not be penalized but going over 35 seconds will. The judges will evaluate as follows: 

  • Unique, personal and from the heart
  • Ability to memorize /deliver a short oration
  • Beneficial and inspirational words of wisdom
  • Poise and delivery

Attention Contestants

If your talent is singing you may have an accompanist (If there is a piano available) Otherwise, CD’s are permitted for musical talents. CD’s should only contain the music and NO other voices singing the song. The CD should only contain your selection and NO other songs. Once CD’s are given during rehearsal they will not be given back until pageant is over, so please do not ask anyone for your CD so you can practice at home or in the motel before the pageant. You will need three CD’s; one is mailed in with your application, a second is collected at the rehearsal and the third, you keep.